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Title Services From City Title Insurance For Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville & Across The State Of Florida

TITLE company servicesBuying or selling a home, a commercial property or a mobile home is very exciting and overwhelming. You want the process to go smoothly. It is important for you to understand what title services are necessary from a title company to complete the real estate closing process.

Owner’s policy: When buying property, an owner’s policy is one of the most important insurance documents to buy. It will protect your newly purchased asset against any claims that might be placed against it. An owner’s policy from the previous owner or a lender’s policy will not protect you. It has to be current and in your name.

Lender’s standards: Lender’s have certain criteria that they must meet when choosing a title company. They want to make sure that that the funds that you are borrowing from them are a safe investment. Usually, a lender will recommend one that they have used before because it meets their standards. Most of the time, you can shop around for a company that you prefer. As long as the lender’s criteria are met, they will usually approve using the one you actually want.

Before you receive an owner’s policy from a title company, a commitment will be issued to the lender. This tells you about the defects and exceptions that are on the property that have been found while doing the title search.

City Title Insurance will guide you smoothly through your real estate closing experience with ease. Contact us to learn more about the title service we offer in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami and elsewhere throughout Florida.