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Title Search For Properties Across Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville & Elsewhere In Florida


Title search will protect you as the buyer and your lender. Even though a title search was done before closing there are no guarantees that the searcher found anything from past owners. A title search along with title insurance will protect the buyer and seller from any problems that are associated with the property title.

A Title Search will Will Do the Following:

  • Insure the owners against any possible past legal problems
  • Assure the Financial institutions that the property is free and clear
  • Discover Unpaid past liens
  • Discover Unpaid past taxes
  • Discover Forged signatures

The buyer is required to have a legal paper search of their property. This assures the buyer and the lending institution, the seller is handing over a title that is free and clear of any legal obligations. Even though a title searcher for a title insurance company does a comprehensive search there is no guarantees they have found everything. In the event this happens a title insurance will protect all parties involved.

Contact City Title Insurance Comany today to make sure the property you are buying is free and clear from any and all encumberments. Your lender is going to insist on this search before closing. Get your search from the best company on the market in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and elsewhere throughout Florida.