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Title Company Services For Residential Property In Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville & Across Florida 


Residential property, pertains to property that is zoned for family homes. These homes can be single family homes, apartments, townhouses, multi-family homes and or apartments, condominiums or co-op groups. Residential properties must make up at least 80 percent of the neighborhood to be considered a residential area. 

City Title Company Services will get the ball rolling on your goals of buying and or selling properties. You may be looking for residential housing to live in or rent out, to secure added income for yourself. You may be looking to sell your residential property rentals. No matter what the reason, these title company services can help you achieve your goals of buying or selling. 

What Services do City Title Insurance Company Offer? 

  • Title search for all kinds of residential properties 
  • Works with buyers’ &  sellers’ of residential properties. 
  • City Title Insurance Company works closely with real-estate companies, financial institutions, bankers, and contractors. 
  • This title company does sale closings, post closing services, title plant services and general title service. 

Contact Florida’s choice for  title company services at City Title Insurance for all of your Residential property needs. This company has been in the title company services area for several years and have attained the trust of their clients. They do quality, accurate title searches. Call City Title Insurance Company today for all of your title needs.