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Refinancing Home Title Insurance with City Title Insurance For Those In Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville & Across Florida

refinancing title insuranceRefinancing your home makes sense if you can afford it, by negotiating a lower interest rate and being able to pay for the closing costs associated with the new loan you are taking out. Included in these costs will be the refinancing of your title insurance, in which a lender’s policy will be absolutely required by the bank. While you can take out owner’s title insurance as well for further protection, this is not always necessary. City Title Insurance can help guide you through this complicated process, as we are a title company who has expertise in virtually every facet of refinancing title insurance.

City Title Insurance knows the details associated with liens that can be put on a home and put your home ownership at risk, making refinancing home title insurance all the more necessary. Possible liens on a home include:

  • Unpaid construction or work on the home itself
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Unpaid HOA fees
  • Unpaid Child Support
  • Any other lawsuits that may affect ownership of the property

With the guidance of the versatile refinancing title insurance experts at City Title Insurance, you will be notified of potential problems in your planned refinancing and properly advised of what to do to avoid them. Our title company has helped customers through all types of different situations in the home refinancing world, no matter how difficult. City Title is proud to serve those in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and other areas across the state of Florida. Contact us today for any of your home refinancing needs!