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Pembroke Pines Title Insurance Company For Short Sales, Refinancing, Courtesy Closings & More From City Title Insurance 

Pembroke Pines Title InsuranceEvery time you buy or sell a property whether it is a residential or commercial property there is a title company and inspection that takes place to ensure that it is clean and clear from all past debt attached to it. City Title Insurance specializes in helping buyers investigate the title attached to properties that people are looking to buy. 

City Title Insurance has been providing Florida title company services since 1984. We have made it our mission to provide quality services to our customers. Some of the services that you can expect from them include: 

  • Complete search of the title
  • Lien search for past unpaid debt
  • Courtesy closings 

Selling, buying or refinancing a property home does not have to end just because there is a lien on the property. You can protect yourself and get the property by simply having a title insurance policy. Pembroke Pines title insurance gives you the peace of mind that anything that is found attached to the title. A past debt of a previous owner does not have to keep you from owning the property that you want to buy.

Contact our team at City Title Insurance for professional assistance on your real estate transaction and Pembroke Pines Title Insurance