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Orlando Title Insurance Company For Short Sales, Foreclosures, Courtesy Closings & More

Orlando Title InsuranceIf you are buying a home, title insurance is the essential ingredient to making the process streamlined and safe. The right title company can ensure that no one will ever come forward to claim your home after you have bought it. At City Title Company, we are committed to helping our clients protect their most important asset — their home because tittle insurance protects you. 

The Orlando real estate market means that many buyers are purchasing homes that have been in foreclosure or homes that are part of short sales. In cases like these, it isn’t uncommon for a previous owner to surface and say that they still have claim to the home. Without title insurance, cases like these can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars, and in some cases, they may even cause a homeowner to lose their home.

Even buyers who are involved in traditional real estate transactions can face issues with their titles. Unfortunately, too many homes are sold with tax liens on them. This can leave homeowners facing tax bills for thousands of dollars. In other cases, a homes are sold using forged deeds, and the buyer may have no recourse to keeping their home without the right insurance policy. At City Title Company, we work hard to ensure that you never face any issues with your title in Orlando. We also offer the following range of title services:

  • Helping with closings and post closings
  • Courtesy closings
  • Searches for tax liens
  • Assistance with short sale services
  • Title searches
  • And More

Whether you are buying a commercial property or a residential property, you need to protect your investment with title insurance. Getting protection is simple. All you need to do is contact us as we do good deeds since with experience in the Florida market since 1984 to be your Orlando title insurance company!