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Miami Title Company Providing Title Insurance,  Short Sales, Courtesy Closings And More Throughout Florida

miami-title-insuranceTitle insurance is often a requirement among lenders with home loans, and for good reasons. When you purchase a home, you want to ensure that the people selling it have the legal, full title. While the party who conducts your closing will often check out this information, it’s not always enough. Title companies are designed to protect you and your lender in case of any problems that may occur.

There are two basic types of title insurances – owner’s and lender’s policies. Owners will normally get insurance from a Miami title company at the time they purchase their home. It helps insure the buyer against any defects that may arise in the title, such as tax liens or hidden mortgages.

As a title company can protect you against:

  • Claims that arise due to marital status
  • Forged mortgages or deeds
  • Mortgages or deeds under an expired power-of-attorney
  • Title transferred by a heir subject to tax liens
  • Deeds/mortgages made by an incompetent person
  • Delays when transferring the title

Best of all, title insurance offers new home buyers peace of mind. Never take a chance when buying a home that could jeopardize your investment. Contact us to learn more about title insurance from our professionals at the title company Miami trusts. City Title Insurance has been providing title insurance services since 1984 and growing in through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and elsewhere across the state of Florida.