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Title Search For Properties Across Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami & Elsewhere In The State Of Florida

lien-searchIf a title company finds a lien on your property, through a lien search, it may keep you from selling the property. A lien can prevent you from transferring the title to the buyer. In most cases the lien must be paid for first. The financial institution that is loaning the money to the buyer can force the seller into a sale, to collect what is owed on the lien. Sometimes the buyer is allowed to take possession of the property’s title, but with a lien on the property, they will not be able to resell the property until the lien is paid in full. 

Are all Liens Created Equal? The answer is, “No”. A lien is a legal hold that a person or financial institution has on your property. One responsibility of City Title Insurance Company is to do a lien search to find out if the property is being legally held by some other entity from the past.

The following are a few different kinds of liens: 

  • Claim lien 
  • Mortgage lien 
  • Mechanical lien or Construction Lien 
  • Maritime Liens 
  • Tax liens 
  • Agriculture liens 

If you are thinking of purchasing property, contact City Title Insurance Company today to get a lien search done. City Title Insurance is a full service title company providing additional services such as title search, courtesy closings, post closing services and more. Don’t be caught trying to sell or buy a property that has a lien. This will prevent you and the buyer from receiving a clear and free title to the property.