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Jacksonville Title Insurance Company

Jacksonville Title Insurance CompanyCity Title Insurance is designed to protect the buyer from a claim that the deed is in question. Title companies research a property’s history to make sure that there are no claims against the deed and it can be transferred to the buyer without question. In fact, a title company ensures this. Real estate dealings are thoughtful transaction and each requires the individual responsiveness and skilled handling that City Title Insurance always provides. 

So, when you look for a Jacksonville title insurance company it is important that the title company you choose is well established, proficient and one hundred percent driven to provide excellent customer service. Serving Florida since 1984, City Title Insurance is that company. 

Communication between all stakeholders in a real estate transaction is key; at City Title Insurance we are in constant touch with realtors, lawyers, sellers, buyers, and lenders throughout the Jacksonville metropolitan area. If you are reviewing your choices for Jacksonville title insurance, require assistance with a short sale, want to know more about how to go the “for sale by owner” route or need escrow service, City Title Insurance will keep all those involved in the transaction current on the state of the transaction from beginning to end. 

We are driven to provide unparalleled customer service and being the best title company in Jacksonville. Contact us today to learn more about our Jacksonville title insurance services.