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Full Service Gainesville Title Company Offering Title Search, Lien Search, Closing Service & Post Closing Service

gainesville-title-companyTitle insurance can be the difference between a successful sale and the frustration of wading through liens placed on a property before a sale can go through. Sometimes even the most careful search of a property’s title won’t reveal problems; that is until a sale is ready to go through. That is where this insurance can help. At City Title Insurance we have been assisting buyers, sellers, Realtors and more since 1984 with services including title search, lien search, closings and post closing service. We are focused on being the best title company by paying attention to the needs of clients for a smooth real estate transaction.

If a client attempts to sell a property and suddenly discovers to their horror that there is a lien from original construction, or from a heir, title insurance can help make those issues go away. Without this insurance, a property own could find themselves bogged down in court for a lengthy period of time as the courts try to sort out what is right and as the trusted Gainesville title company, we are well situated to serve your needs.

Title insurance can also protect from:

  • Bad property surveys 
  • Zoning problems 
  • Adverse easements 
  • Building permit problems 
  • Incorrect legal descriptions 
  • Deeds being recorded improperly 
  • Forged deeds 

The list of things that could go wrong in the transfer of property can seem intimidating, our experienced title experts can be sure to minimize those issues for a successful sale. Contact us to learn why we are the trusted Gainesville title company to make certain you are protected in the transfer of any property including residential, commercial and land sales.