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Florida Title Insurance - Courtesy Closings For Residential Properties In Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville & Across Florida

Florida Title InsuranceImagine that you’ve just found  your dream home and are ready to make that purchase. The excitement and happiness you feel at that moment is almost palpable. Now imagine that your neighbor claims to own part of the land around your house or that another individual comes forward and claims to own the house. This is where Florida title insurance can help. It provides protection against financial losses when you face an unexpected situation.

When you work with a title company, you are able to obtain appropriate Florida title insurance for your concerns and the possible situations. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to prevent problems from occurring.

City Title Insurance will offer you a services that you can expect include:

  • Lien search – which looks for any existing liens on the home you want to purchase
  • Title search – which protects you from problems related to the property
  • Closing services including courtesy closings

The services you can get by working with the expert title company with experience in Florida since 1984 will help you avoid complications, identify possible problems and reduce your financial risk before to complete the purchase of your new property.

When you combine Florida title insurance with other services provided by a title company, you are dramatically reducing the risks that you might face. It protects your assets so that you will not be held responsible for the actions of previous owners. If you are looking for a new home, contact City Title Insurance to reduce your financial risks. We are happy to serve real estate closings in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and throughout the state of Florida. Contact us to learn more today.